Best Crypto YouTube Channels to Watch in 2023

Coin bureau was without a doubt the best YouTube crypto channel in 2022.  Finematics and Digital Asset News were other channels worth checking out. We anticipate that these channels will continue to provide reliable information that will allow crypto enthusiasts to stay up-to-date on market trends and make informed investment decisions.

In this article, we highlight seven YouTube channels to watch for the latest cryptocurrency market trends in 2023.

Top 7 Crypto Channels

1. Coin Bureau

  1. coin bureau

    Coin bureau is hosted by an Englishman who goes by the name Guy, a.k.a the Crypto guy. This YouTuber tops our list because of two factors.

    1. His channel offers an in-depth analysis of various assets in the crypto space.

      His content stands out as well-researched, carefully structured, and often timely.

    2. Guy is not a maximalist.

      By watching the coin bureau channel, you will always be introduced to new crypto assets every other day.

    3. He integrates humor into his content.

      At the beginning of every video, Guy always start with a 30s ~ 90s of humorous disclaimer. Of course, about how he's not a 'financial advisor'

      2. Benjamin Cowen

    Benjamin Cowen

    Benjamin Cowen is among the best when it comes to technical analysis for cryptocurrency. He works with prolonged timeframes and provides a comprehensive overview of price projections.

    Benjamin keeps a level head and also applies various indicators and price patterns not available on most channels. If you are looking to improve your technical analysis, Benjamin Cowen is your go-to person.

    His wisdom will help you make informed technical analyses on cryptocurrencies wildly when the market is crashing.

    3. Bob Lucas

    If you search for a daily crypto routine, Bob Lucas offers informative content both on his YouTube channel and Twitter handle.

    Bob has a specialty in market cycles and has a reputation as the individual who introduced bitcoin's four-year cycle to the mainstream.

    He purchased the dip at the end of the last Bull Run and documented his trades on the bitcoin live website, where he shares his content.

    Even though not very active on YouTube, Bob puts so much work into the content when he does upload his videos. His videos often contain a detailed breakdown of the mentality you require to go into the next phase of a crypto market cycle.

    Bob's videos are resourceful, especially for those looking for crypto prices and volatility. You will be amazed by how his projections play into the crypto market cycle.

    4. Digital Asset News

    If you are looking for the latest crypto news, Digital Asset News is the ideal channel for you. The daily videos uploaded on this channel will help you add context to crypto headlines.

    Digital Asset News is resourceful, especially if you are searching for weekly crypto reviews.

    5. Finematics

    Besides complex crypto news, this channel will help you discover more about D5. Finematics provides valuable information about how cryptos top D5 protocols function.

    The channel also has a few videos about how specific layer two scaling solutions function. Its content will help you save time when looking for complex defined apps such as Y_earn Finance and Uni Swap v3._

    This channel will help gain information about the basics of DeFi, how legacy finance operates, and how to get started.

    6. Heresy Financial

    Even though Joe Brown, the content creator of Heresy Financial, isn't a crypto content creator by trade, he often shares information about where bitcoin fits in the comprehensive financial system. He also provides detailed information on why bitcoin has value in the economic context.

    The channel offers some valuable insights into many elements concerning legacy finance. This content creator explains such aspects in an easy way that any new user would enjoy listening to and understanding, even those with no financial education.

    The content on this channel is a must-watch for any crypto enthusiast and those interested in money and investing.

    If you are looking for information about crypto regulation, a fan of XRP, or just interested in keeping up with the Ripple's case, then Legal Briefs is your go-to channel. Jeremy Hogan, the content creator on this channel, is not a crypto-focused individual, but he is a professional attorney with immense knowledge on the Ripple vs. SEC case.

    The videos shared on this channel will help you gain knowledge, especially about the Ripple vs. SEC lawsuit. Jeremy also offers immense information about crypto regulations, such as your rights when buying an NFT.

His videos will help you understand how little the authorities understand concerning cryptocurrencies regulations.

How can these channels benefit you?

YouTube content creators who cover crypto trading can assist individuals who intend to launch their own cryptocurrencies.

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Conventional marketing is no match for word of mouth in creating conversions. Thus, it is reasonable that individuals are likely to consider the advice of an influencer rather than a lifeless advert created on Google or Facebook.

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Other honorable mentions

The channels listed under this list are pretty formidable for the value they provide to their viewers. We would absolutely like to recommend them as well.

  1. Aantonop - It's Andreas M. Antonopoulos' youtube channel. His no doubt one of the best bitcoin gurus, and the content on his channel lives up to this estimation.
  2. Satoshi stacker ~ best crypto shills #beware
  3. Altcoin daily
  4. Bitboy Crypto
  5. Andrei Jikh
  6. Charles Hoskinson - from the Cardano founder (also IOHK chairman)
  7. Sean Benson - stay tuned for cool Cardano coverage videos

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