Coingecko lists tokens traded on MinSwap

Starting in mid-October, Coingecko lists tokens that are traded over MinSwap DEX. MinSwap and CoinMarketCap had arrived at a similar arrangement back in July.

Coingecko lists Minswap traded tokens

Both of these crypto listing platforms track the price action of these tokens in fiat terms or compared to primary coins. In the case of CoinGecko, the primary coins are BTC (including SATS), ETH, LTC, BCH, BNB, EOS, XRP, XLM, LINK, DOT, and YFI.

primary coins on CoinGecko

price of PAVIA token tracked in BNB on CoinGecko

This listing announcement adds to the list of efforts the MinSwap team has been working on behind the scenes. The team has been focused on the platform development, almost to a fault.

Just recently, the team announced the introduction of its new dynamic emission rate for its MIN token. Following this adjustment, the daily emission rate of Minswap's governance token dropped to 782,166 MIN daily; down from 1.3 million MIN daily in August. In its $MINomics Research article, the MinSwap team explains the rationale behind this adjustment in detail.

MinSwap displays MIN token daily emission rate on their yield farm page

MIN token daily emission rate on MinSwap's yield farming page

Whether this improvement will help contain the selling pressure on MIN tokens remains to be seen. Since its LBE, the MIN token has shed over 90% of its value due to constant sell-off & the prevailing bear market conditions.

MinSwap MIN token price action

In mid-September, MinSwap announced trading discounts to all its MIN and MIN/ADA LP holders. MinSwap users in this group are eligible for up to 25% in fee discounts. There are 9 discount tiers as follows:

MINMIN/ADA LP tokensDiscountEffective Batcher Fee (ADA)
000.0%₳ 2.00
2,000200 mil1.0%₳ 1.98
5,000500 mil2.5%₳ 1.95
10,0001 billion5.0%₳ 1.90
15,0001.5 billion7.5%₳ 1.85
20,0002 billion10.0%₳ 1.80
25,0002.5 billion12.5%₳ 1.75
30,0003 billion15.0%₳ 1.70
40,0004 billion20.0%₳ 1.60
50,0005 billion25.0%₳ 1.50

MinSwap trading fees discounts

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