COTI Adds New Mainnet Node: Innovunode

COTI has added a new Mainnet Node called Innovunode to its network, which is now live and running. To choose new node operators, COTI considers the active participation of its community members, their activity, and their contribution to the network, rather than just the length of their wait.

Stefanos, a well-known member of the COTI community who has been running a Testnet node since 2021, is the operator of the Innovunode. Besides being one of the most active members in COTI's channels, Stefanos has built some useful tools for the community, such as the COTI community Telegram bot and the COTI Treasury Telegram bot. He has also created a website that showcases other tools and bots he built, along with educational information about COTI.

As a result of his contributions, COTI chose Stefanos as the next COTI community node operator. Stefanos expressed his excitement about being part of COTI's Trustchain and said he fell in love with the project when he learned about their partnership with Cardano.

COTI plans to expand the number of new Mainnet node operators in 2023 by allowing more Testnet operators to run a Mainnet node. With the addition of Innovunode and Stefanos to its node operators team, COTI is one step closer to achieving its goal. Visit the COTI website to learn more about its awesome features and join its amazing community!