COTI's 4th Trustchain Anniversary: 4 New Node Operators & Trivia!

The COTI team is overjoyed as they commemorate the 4th anniversary of their groundbreaking Trustchain Mainnet launch on Sunday, June 4th. Over the past four years, they have experienced remarkable growth, fostering a thriving community and ecosystem.

Since the momentous Mainnet launch on June 4th, 2019, COTI has achieved numerous impressive milestones, making their roadmap a resounding success. In the past 12 months alone, they have accomplished remarkable feats: unleashing MultiDAG 2.0 on Mainnet, pioneering DJED, an overcollateralized stablecoin on Cardano, introducing the remarkable gCOTI Treasury Governance Token, and orchestrating a highly successful gCOTI Airdrop Campaign, which infused COTI's Treasury with unprecedented Total Value Locked (TVL). Additionally, they have expanded the Mainnet Nodes network and unveiled impactful partnerships, driving continuous growth within the ecosystem.

COTI's Trustchain distinguishes itself within the industry by employing the revolutionary Proof of Trust consensus algorithm. Empowering bespoke and private payment networks, the Trustchain rivals the speed, scalability, and security of traditional financial infrastructure.

Trivia competition to mark COTI's 4th anniversary in style!

COTI's 4th Trustchain Anniversary: 4 New Node Operators & Trivia!

To mark their 4th anniversary in style, the team has announced an exciting Trivia competition! Participants will face 10 multiple choice questions about COTI's groundbreaking technology. Those achieving a perfect score will be entered into a draw to win an incredible gift box filled with trendy COTI merchandise!

Don't miss your chance to participate! Enter the competition at this link:

The trivia contest began on June 4 and will continue through June 7 at 1 p.m. UTC. Stay tuned for the big announcement as the lucky winner will be chosen on June 8!

4 new Mainnet Node Operators join COTI's thriving community

For those who have been closely following the COTI team's journey, you're aware of their commitment to expand the number of Mainnet Node Operators in COTI's network. And what better occasion to celebrate Trustchain's 4th birthday than by introducing four exceptional community members who have been chosen as the latest Mainnet Node Operators.

First in line is Stralaen, the proud owner of the new Mainnet Node: Vision Node. Stralaen holds an indispensable role within the COTI community, having established the community hub—a website that organizes and lists various community and official resources, including Node explorers, setup guides, and more. Additionally, Stralaen has created COTI flag logos for every country, generously hosting them on Github for the benefit of new Node Operators and community members, all accessible free of charge.

Here's what Stralaen had to say about this incredible opportunity:

"I am absolutely thrilled to receive an official invitation to join the COTI ecosystem as a Mainnet Node Operator! ...I am grateful for the opportunity to contribute in my own modest way by operating the Vision Node and eagerly anticipate the exciting developments yet to come!"

COTI welcomes Jay Cerp as Mainnet Node Operator, spreading love through the COTI Love Node!

Next in line is Jay Cerp, the proud owner of the newly established Mainnet Node called COTI Love Node. Jay has been actively running a Testnet Node since May '22 and has become an engaging and invaluable member of the community. When not sharing knowledge and promoting COTI on Discord, Jay periodically publishes chart technical analysis. To document his journey as a Node operator and offer helpful resources, Jay has created a dedicated website that serves as a hub for guides and tools shared with the community.

Jay shared his thoughts on this significant milestone, stating:”…To the COTI Team, Leadership, Moderators, Mainnet and Testnet Node Operators, and the entire community, I extend my heartfelt THANK YOU for granting me this opportunity to further contribute as a Mainnet Node Operator. Let us continue to stay COTI with COTI Love!"

Jay's addition to the Mainnet Node Operators team brings forth a unique perspective and amplifies the spirit of unity within the COTI community!

COTI Canuck joins as Mainnet Node Operator, bringing COTI enthusiasm to new heights!

The third remarkable addition to COTI's Mainnet Node Operators is none other than COTI Canuck, a prominent figure within the COTI community. COTI Canuck is actively engaged on platforms like Twitter and Telegram, fearlessly expressing their passion for all things COTI. As one of the creators behind the COTI community podcast, they provide a platform to discuss COTI-related topics and conduct insightful interviews with COTI team members.

With COTI Canuck's arrival as a Mainnet Node Operator, their infectious enthusiasm will undoubtedly elevate the COTI community to new heights!

COTI introduces Sm20.lottienode Mainnet Node Operator bringing joy to the COTI community!

COTI's 4th Trustchain Anniversary: 4 New Node Operators & Trivia!

Last but certainly not least, COTI proudly presents Sm20.lottienode as the latest addition to their esteemed Mainnet Node Operators. Sm20.lottienode has been actively running a Testnet Node since September '22 and has gained recognition as one of the most engaging community members, especially on social media platforms dedicated to COTI. Many of you may already be familiar with him through his heartwarming photos alongside his beloved Golden Retriever, Lottie.


It has been an incredible year for COTI, and the momentum is only building. They remain committed to further development, continuously introducing groundbreaking technologies along the way. The addition of these exceptional Mainnet Node Operators reflects COTI's commitment to community involvement and growth. As they celebrate Trustchain's 4th anniversary, COTI looks forward to embarking on the next chapter of their remarkable journey with the support of these dedicated individuals.

The COTI team is beyond thrilled to welcome these four exceptional individuals as Mainnet Node Operators. Their invaluable knowledge, creativity, and unwavering dedication will undoubtedly contribute to the growth of COTI's ecosystem. The team wishes them all the best in this exciting new chapter.

Stay tuned for future updates, and remember to embrace the COTI spirit as the community journeys together towards a brighter future!

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