DJED on BNB: Next-Gen Stablecoin Integration!

If there's one lesson the crypto community has learned in recent months, it's the overwhelming demand for a battle-tested, secure stablecoin that can withstand market volatility. Investors are eager to participate in DeFi while avoiding the risks associated with unstable market conditions. Recognizing this need, COTI has made a groundbreaking decision to integrate DJED into multiple blockchains, ushering in a new era for stablecoins.

Djed is available to BSC chain dApps

DJED Takes Center Stage on the BNB Chain

Following COTI's announcement of DJED becoming a multichain token, a remarkable use case of DJED on the BNB Chain emerges, paving the way for exciting possibilities.

Thena Platform Embraces DJED

The COTI team is thrilled to announce that DJED is now seamlessly integrated with the Thena platform. With the introduction of wrapped DJED on the BNB Chain, users can access the DJED/USDC liquidity pool on Thena, enabling them to deposit both coins and earn attractive APR for their investments.

Exploring Thena - The Next-Generation DeFi Hub on BNB Chain stands as a native liquidity layer and decentralized exchange (DEX) on the BNB Chain, offering a comprehensive range of services including token swaps, liquidity pools, yield farming, governance, and NFT staking. It serves as a forward-thinking DeFi hub, providing a robust ecosystem for traders, liquidity providers, and protocols.

Innovative Solutions for DeFi Advancements

Thena consistently pioneers DeFi developments with its innovative solutions, such as low-slippage swaps and protocol incentives. The platform's commitment to advancing the DeFi landscape is further amplified by its upcoming expansion into on-chain derivatives trading, promising a higher level of sophistication for its users. As the largest community-owned DEX on the BNB Chain, Thena prioritizes transparency, security, and efficient capital utilization.

Bridging DJED to the BNB Chain with ChainPort

Introducing ChainPort - A Seamless Cross-Chain Protocol: To unlock the full potential of DJED on the BNB Chain, users need to bridge their DJED tokens using the ChainPort bridge, a secure and efficient cross-chain protocol.

Unprecedented Security and User-Friendly Experience

ChainPort ensures utmost security by storing 95% of funds in cold storage wallets provided by leading industry experts, including FireBlocks MPC and Gnosis-safe multi-sig. As a permissionless bridge, ChainPort supports 15 blockchains and over 50 Web3 projects, with new tokens joining daily. Bridging assets is a seamless process, requiring only minutes and no technical integration, thanks to its user-friendly interface.

Seize Opportunities with DJED on Thena

Connecting Your BNB-Compatible Wallet: After connecting your BNB-compatible wallet to Thena, you gain access to a world of possibilities.

Swap and Provide Liquidity

With wrapped DJED on the BNB Chain, users can easily swap DJED for other tokens or contribute liquidity to the USDC/DJED liquidity pool, earning rewards for their participation.

COTI's Vision for DJED Adoption: Expanding DJED's Footprint Across dApps

As DJED gains recognition and adoption across multiple chains, COTI remains dedicated to driving greater acceptance within the dApp community. Exciting updates and developments await as DJED reshapes the landscape of stablecoins in DeFi.


With the integration of DJED into various blockchains and its successful implementation on the BNB Chain via Thena, COTI is spearheading the revolution of stablecoins in DeFi. By providing a safe and battle-tested stablecoin solution, DJED empowers investors to participate in DeFi without the fear of volatility. Stay tuned for the groundbreaking developments that lie ahead as DJED continues to make its mark in the crypto space.

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