ErgoHack V kicks off on Monday, October 3rd

The Ergo Foundation in partnership with Djed Alliance, Alephium, and Flux will hold a hackathon from October 3rd to 16th. Registration opened on September 5th and will close on October 2nd.

Solo and team participants will be allowed to engage in the competition. Participating teams can consist of up to 6 individuals.

ErgoHack participants will exercise their creativity while exploring Web3, stablecoins, DeFi, and related technologies. There is no limit to what kind of projects the participants may choose to take on. If stuck, the hackathon's judges will offer suggestions and guidance.

This event helps inspire the Ergo community to spawn and build foundational tools and dApps; critical infrastructure for Ergo's ecosystem.

Participants stand to win prizes should their contributions stand out. Perhaps more importantly, they will have a chance to broaden their experience, knowledge, skills, and crypto-based career network.

The Ergo Foundation announced on October 5th that it would release a series of Ergo Blockchain Crash Course videos! This material could help with ErgoHack exercise.


August 22ndPromotion for ErgoHack Vcomplete
Sep 12th – Oct 2ndErgoHack V Registrationcomplete
October 3rdErgoHack V starts, competitors start prototypingcomplete
October 16thClosing date for ErgoHack Vscheduled
October 20thFinal deadline for submitting projectsscheduled

Note: To win prizes, participants must submit their solutions by October 16th.

ErgoHack V participants

14 teams registered for this hackathon. The Ergo foundation listed 10 of them as participants of ErgoHack V:

  1. Sigma rustjit
  2. Ergo Twitter
  3. EIP 38 partial voting
  4. Snisp
  5. Diop art generator
  6. Paizo
  7. Ergo payroll
  8. Obolflip
  9. Ergo audit
  10. Cyti

Hackathon judges

ErgoHack V will be adjudicated by judges from the Ergo Foundation, Alephium, and flux. They will evaluate participants' work based on:

  • Innovation
  • Code quality
  • Completed implementation
  • Quality of UI

Here is a list of the judges.

NameEntityExperience / Position
Alexander ChepurnoyErgo Foundation- Co-founder of Chainlink (ex
- Lead Developer at Waves
- Scorex Manager at IOHK
- Ergo lead developer
Mohammad Hasan SamadaniErgo Foundation- developed the ERGO mining softwares, Stratum server, & ergopool
- A Ergo Foundation board member since 2020
Mark GlasgowErgo Foundation- A Ergo Foundation member
- Technical Director for Disabled Students UK CIC
Joseph ArmeanioErgo Foundation- business developer at the Ergo Foundation
Cheng WangAlephium- Founder founder of Alephium
- Math & computer science PHD holder
- author of Uniflash, a fully decentralized flash loan protocol
Mikaël VaivreAlephium- ormer head of product for Lykke corp, a Swiss quality crypto exchange
Tadeáš KmentaFlux- Co-Founder and Chief Innovations Officer at Flux
- Has a background in physics
Tim SulmoneFlux- Business developer

ErgoHack V winners' prizes

WinnersErgo FoundationFluxAlephium
1st place10k SigUSD$7k FLUX10k ALPH
2nd place6k SigUSD$3k FLUX7k ALPH
3rd place2k$1k FLUX3k ALPH

Unlike the other partners, the Djed Alliance will issue 1800 DACAU (Djed Alliance Contribution Accounting Unit) as a prize to any submission judged to bring significant contributions to the work of Djed/SigUSD.

ErgoHack v starts

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