Join the Exciting gCOTI Community Campaign and Earn Rewards!

COTI, the cutting-edge blockchain platform is excited to announce the upcoming launch of its highly anticipated gCOTI Community Campaign. This campaign not only provides an opportunity for community members to earn gCOTI rewards through content creation and promotion but also aims to recognize and reward valued contributors who have supported COTI in the past. Read on to discover the details of this exciting campaign and how you can participate!

Join the Exciting gCOTI Community Campaign and Earn Rewards!

How the gCOTI Community Campaign Works:

COTI has created a number of interesting social media-based content competitions that are open to participants of all skill levels. The competitions, which are split into two categories—easy and difficult—offer a chance for everyone to take part. The first award for the challenging category is a substantial 50,000 gCOTI, whereas the first prize for the simpler category is only 25,000 gCOTI.

Additionally, community members who support the campaign by raising awareness by participating in the Gleam campaign will be eligible to earn 2,000 gCOTI tokens for their efforts.

Within the COTI ecosystem, this campaign is a fantastic chance for brilliant tool developers, professional videographers, and creative community members to display their skills and be recognized with gCOTI for their good work!

Judging Process and Panel:

The judging panel is made up of 12 distinguished COTI community members who actively contribute to the COTI ecosystem in order to assure neutrality and fairness. Each content entry will be evaluated by these reputable persons, who were carefully chosen by COTI, according to standards like originality, quality, innovation, thoroughness, and contribution to the COTI ecosystem. They will also be ready to respond to community questions and aid with campaign publicity. The judges themselves will be given gCOTI awards as a thank you.

A dedicated community member who actively contributes to COTI's ecosystem and is ready to assist its expansion has also been given a spot on the panel by COTI. Before June 20, 1pm UTC, interested individuals can submit their suggestions via the given application form to be considered for this coveted position on the Community Campaign Panel of Judges. Please be aware that the chosen judge needs to have a VIPER wallet.

In order to ensure transparency and fair opportunity, the replacement judge will be chosen through a draw and publicly revealed on June 21.

Judges are not permitted to participate in the campaign as content producers in order to ensure fairness and avoid any conflicts of interest.

The Influential Judging Panel:

Respected individuals who have made substantial contributions to the COTI ecosystem make up the judging panel. They support the development of COTI by becoming actively involved in the community and offering insightful information. The majority of them are well-known COTI Twitter contributors who offer a variety of viewpoints to assure the campaign's success. They all make excellent contributions to the COTI community. The accounts to follow include @iamsstef, @whoistracer, @Geordie_R, @Sm20lottie, @MrSpynter, @ZippyZoro, @nshadecrypto, @CryptoFirebird, @carapthian, and @coticanucknode.

Campaign Start Date and VIPER Wallet Requirement:

The official start date of the Community Campaign will be announced by COTI in the coming weeks, along with further details about the competition. Both judges and competitors are required to have a VIPER wallet to participate, ensuring a seamless and secure experience.

Native gCOTI Rewards:

Participants of the Community Campaign can look forward to receiving their Native gCOTI rewards, which will be airdropped directly to their VIPER Wallets. This ensures a convenient and efficient distribution process, allowing winners to enjoy their rewards hassle-free.

Rewards for Past Contributors:

COTI understands the invaluable support provided by its dedicated community members in various capacities. In recognition of their contributions, COTI has decided to extend additional rewards to those who have actively supported COTI in the past. This includes community members who have shown their commitment through engagement on social media platforms like Twitter, Telegram, and Discord, as well as those who have developed bots, tools, websites, and served as Testnet and Mainnet node operators. Further details regarding the rewards and eligibility criteria for past contributors will be shared in due course.

A Token of Gratitude:

The gCOTI Community Campaign serves as COTI's way of expressing gratitude and appreciation to the supportive COTI community. By creating engaging content, spreading awareness, and supporting the COTI team, community members have played a vital role in COTI's journey. This campaign is a testament to COTI's commitment to its community and its dedication to fostering growth and collaboration.


Don't miss out on the exciting opportunity to participate in the gCOTI Community Campaign, where you can showcase your creativity, earn gCOTI rewards, and contribute to the success of the COTI ecosystem. Stay tuned for the official campaign launch announcement, as COTI shares more details and unveils the new judge. Grab your VIPER wallet and get ready to join the vibrant COTI community in this rewarding campaign. Together, let's continue to build a brighter future with COTI!

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