Animal Inspired NFT Collections available in the Market

Blockchain-based games have existed since the creation of blockchain networks, establishing a follow-up over the years because of the new possibilities they offer their users with. NFTs have risen in popularity over the past few months. Blockchain games have once again dominated tech news.


The success of non-fungible tokens has set itself on the ownership it offers over the virtual asset. However, this concept is still challenging for many to comprehend. Individuals unfamiliar with the technology find it difficult to differentiate between having an NFT and a screenshot.

Animal-inspired non-fungible tokens have become popular with both NFT creators and collectors. Still, among the unique kinds of animal-inspired non-fungible token collections, you'll get in the market, dog NFT collections are the most common.

In this article, we have listed the dog NFTs that you can get in the market. Dog NFT collections are inspired by multiple dog breeds including Shiba Inus to dalmatians.

1. 10001 Dalmatians


The "10001 Dalmatians" NFT is inspired by Disney's "101 Dalmatians." This collection was created on Sept. 27, it randomly created Dalmatians operating on the Ethereum blockchain. Each Dalmatian is special and 1-1, as well as its spots, have a unique shape, color, and size.

Holders of the Dalmatian NFTs will be able to participate in Twitter group games managed by the collection's developers. Winners will earn more Ethereum or NFTs.

2. Cyber Shibas

Cyber Shibas

If you like the Shiba Inu dog breed, then "Cyber Shibas" will fascinate you. This collection went on sale on Sept. 7 and only has 10,000 Shiba Inu-inspired NFTs.

A new "Cyber Shibas" NFT game is currently being developed.

3. DogeX


The DogeX NFT collection is inspired by the popular DOGE and has a total of 10,000 NFTs. This collection was launched on Sept. 7.

The "DogeX" NFT collection focus to be a commendation to the influential individuals who are linked to Dogecoin.



Sipher is the latest blockchain-based game designed to become the most favorite among metaverse gamers. Sipher brings a new experience to the crypto gaming industry.

The Sipher metaverse allows players to control digital beings resulting from a mix of Siphers: ethereal elements, and CRISPR-genome extraction. These meta-digital organisms function as the player's avatar in the metaverse.

This blockchain game is inspired by the ethos of the cypherpunk movement. The ethereal elements are fully owned by the player who builds them, enabling them to participate in the special perspective, story, and potential for each Sipher.

Siphers has a few NFT game characters created as ERC-1155. They are more than avatars and can be used as the medium that enables players to interact with the Sipheria metaverse to socialize, play games, and trade with peers. Siphers can also be personalized through accessories and outfits designed by artists and other creators.

At launch, each Sipher was valued at 0.1 ETH with a limit of 10 Siphers per transaction. It doesn't require a bonding curve nor a maximum number of tokens per transaction which allows each player to get a fair opportunity to join the metaverse.

The excellent development of the gaming industry over the past few years has proved that video games can be serious business.

Sipher is designed to be fun, sustainable, accessible, and open, it also aims to offer players all the benefits of cryptocurrency, blockchain technology, and ERC-1155 Ethereum NFTs. This enables players to have a good time and also to receive real financial benefits.

The financial element works as a great reward and incentive for players dedicated to the game and also supports the establishment of a self-sustaining ecosystem and community.

The self-sustaining nature of Sipher is possible thanks to the small fees on transactions in the game marketplace. The link between the game and smart contracts and crypto and smart contracts means it operates as an introduction to the world of blockchain. That way, it empowers the players and gives the game an educational quality that doesn't interfere with the gaming experience but improves it.

If you are looking for other animal-inspired NFT collections, you can find many unique NFTs in the market.

For instance, you can find Cat NFTs including "Catryoshkas" and "cryptoKitties".

If you are a fan of pandas, you can check out "Panda Fight Club", while those who kangaroo-inspired NFT collections should check out "Roo Crew".

You can also dinosaur-inspired NFTs in the market including "Dino Squad Unleashed."


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