Dripdropz, Cardanos OG token faucet

DripDropz.io is Cardano's most popular token dispensing service. Since its launch, dozens of Cardano dApps, CNFTs & meme tokens have used the service to distribute their tokens to the community. Some of the best projects using Dripdropz include LiqWid Labs, SundaeSwap, Cornucopias, AADA finance & cNETA. Wingriders one of its latest high-profile partnerships.

Since we last wrote about Dripdropz and its positive role on Cardano's DeFi, the team has introduced the following features:

UI improvements

During Dripdopz's early days, users could not tell meme coins (shitcoins) apart from tokens from DeFi projects. As a result, early adopters would either blindly select tokens or use significant time DYOR'ing if the tokens were from promising projects.

Those days are gone. Yes, users still have to do their own research on projects' tokens. However, on DripDropz they have various filters to help them always choose better drips faster.

  1. Users can filter available drips by category i.e DeFi, Meme, Gaming ...

  2. A bookmark filter is now present that helps users save their favorite tokens.

    The favorite tokens always show on top of other available tokens

    Favorite tokens on DripDropz

  3. Users can hide shitcoins they don't like from showing up on the list of the available tokens.

    There's an option to un-hide tokens if a user likes.

    Hide shitcoins on DripDropz

Filters #2 and #3 require users to have a basic account with Dripdropz. The signup process is pretty easy.

Another improvement is the addition of a View costs. This helps the user estimate the minUTXO required to withdraw the selected tokens before they click the Claim my dropz button.

Launched a Droperators program

Droperators are stake pool operators (SPOs) who help the DripDropz achieve faster token distribution speeds during times of high demand. These SPOs achieve this goal by ensuring that most if not all DripDropz's transactions catch the block production 'bus' on time.

There are a couple of benefits to this approach. First, this program encourages more decentralization of Cardano by encouraging more SPOs to participate. Two, it helps DripDropz users get their drips on time.

There is an extra benefit i.e loyal delegators of Droperators SPOs earn to receive a 25% base buff instead of the usual 10% base buff.

List of DripDropz droperators

There are at least 67 SPOs currently under Dripdropz's droperators program. Here is a list:

Droperator NameStakepool(s)Number of SPOs
Blue Cheese StakehouseBCSH, BCSH0, BCSH1, BCSH2, BCSH4, BCSH5, BCSH67
PEACE pool Cardano ecosystem developersPEACE1
ADA's Digital GrandParentMUGGY1
StakePool247 | Ardana Stake Pool Alliance memberEU011
Rocky Mountain PoolROCKY1
🐍Viper Stake PoolVIPER (Pools #1, #2)2
Digital FortressDIGI, DIGI2, DIGI3, DIGI4, DIGI5, DIGI66
Beaver Pool!BEAVR1
ADAwolf 🐺WOLF1
LEAD Stake PoolLEAD1
Cardanistas StakePoolCARDs1
ArmADA StakePoolARM11
Straight PoolSTR81
Atlas StakePoolATLAS (Pools #1, #2)2
Staking Rocks!PHRCK1
StakeLove JapanLOVE1
ATM Stake PoolATM1
Easy Staking PoolEASY11
BloomBLOOM (One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six)6
NEWM Stake PoolNEWM1
Aichi Stake PoolAICHI1
Diamond PoolCARAT1
Bio PoolBIO1
46 South Stake Pool46S1
RINA User GroupRUG1
BLADE Pool - bladepool.comBLADE1
Sprout PoolSPRO1
Ozzy poolOZZY1
Tokai Stake PoolTOKAI1
A3C PoolA3C1
Moai Stake Pool 🗿MOAI1
Armada CardanoARMDA1

Keep any eye on the DripDropz's projects page for updates on this list.

Drip loyalty program

Beginning epoch 340, users who use the drip feature to claim tokens every epoch earn a loyalty score. This loyalty score determines if they deserve a loyalty bonus of 10%,20%,30,40% or 50%.

Dripdropz loyalty bonus distribution

Withdraw DRIP token each epoch for a higher bonus

Users who skip an epoch can start over again to regain their loyalty bonus.

Launch of DripPro

To help users who use the service regularly a more customizable experience, Dripdropz launched a DripPro experience. The service will eventually include at least 4 pro features i.e MultiDrip, AutoDrip, DestinationDrip and DIDits.

At launch only the MultiDrip feature was ready. The rest are work-in-progress and will hopefully launch after tests are complete.

  1. MultiDrip

    This feature will allow Dripdropz users who have their ADA spread across several stake pools to queue all their wallets' withdrawals at once. The service will calculate total costs, queue and batch drips to multiple wallets at once, every epoch.

  2. AutoDrip

    It takes discipline for users going to the Dripdropz website to initiate drips every epoch. With auto-drip, users will send funds to a transaction wallet with specified conditions. DripDropz's smart contract will auto-send selected drips to the user every epoch.

  3. DestinationDrip

    This feature will merge rewards from multiple wallets into a single destination wallet.

    This is probably the most existing of the Pro features. It will arguably save users considerable transfer/transaction fees when they want to sell their tokens.

  4. DIDits

    DripDropz wants to solve prevailing KYC concerns among the Cardano community. Of course, these concerns are shared in the wider crypto community.

    Following the DID standards, Dripdropz intends to launch a decentralized ID Service. Partnering with an internationally accredited service, Dripdropz will offer interested users a secure DID that they can use across the Cardano blockchain. Anywhere on the chain, the DIDs are accepted. It's basically an example of #zero-knowledge-proofs 😁.

Amended the flat 1000 DRIP withdraw

Some users were gaming the Dripdropz 1000 DRIP for every staked wallet pledge. They would open hundreds of wallets with a minimal stake. To stop this spammy behaviour, the team introduced a mathematically based formula to determine what amount of DRIP each wallet gets.

DripDropz's DRIP reward distribution formulae

The upside to this approach is that it still encourages participation by small wallets.

Governance with on-chain Voting

DripDropz conducted a governance vote on-chain using a Fungible voting token. For the first round, the community voted for:

  1. The 1st-year annual rewards of the new DripDropz staking program will target a 10% APY.
  2. Drip redemption for users upgrading to DripPro was set at 10,000 DRIP.
  3. DripDropz review for curved decayed was set to quarterly intervals**.**
  4. The vote sanctioned DRIP rewards for the Droperator network.
  5. The vote permitted DripDropz to use 10% of the existing DRIP supply for community development and incentives e.g DEX/CEX liquidity.

Please these write-ups 👇 by the team on the vote details

  1. DRIP referral program

    DripDropz users earn 100 DRIP per referral, when the referred user makes their first withdrawl.

  2. DRIP staking program

    Starting epoch 351, DRIP holders will be able to stake their DRIP and earn a 10% APY.

    Dripdropz DRIP staking program

DripDropz tokenomics

DRIP is the governance token for this faucet and has a capped supply of 45 billion tokens. Prior to the aforementioned governance vote, 100% of these tokens would have been distributed to the community. After that vote, DripDropz revised tokenomics now look like 👇

Allocation% of DRIP supplyDRIP
Community airdrop (via drip function)87%39.15 billion DRIP
Community building activities10%4.5 billion DRIP
Droperator's rewards3%1.35 billion DRIP

DripDropz contributions to the Cardano ecosystem

Since its launch, this project has helped in the following ways:

  1. It has helped encourage ADA holders to move their holdings from centralized exchanges.

  2. DripDropz has helped Cardano projects to distribute their tokens.

    For the projects that have used this service, they have been able to save on costs, time, and effort required to distribute their tokens or through IDO or Kickstarter protocols. The main advantage perhaps is that some of them have been able to spread awareness about their presence as more people get exposed to their tokens.

  3. Through #1 above and the Droperators, they have helped further decentralize Cardano.

  4. Features such as DIDits, MultiDrip, DestinationDrips, and the on-chain governance vote are good examples of DripDropz spearheading innovation in the space.

DripDropz to open-source their voting technology

Following it's succesfull on-chain governance vote, dripdropz now wants to open up its proprietary voting technology to the public. It has submitted a proposal to the Catalyst commnunity to fund this transition. The DripDropz team is requesting $150,000 from Catalyst Fund 9 round. These funds will help the team achieve the following:

  • Migrate code from the private to public git repo
  • Code cleanup
  • Replace Dependencies, or Code as required from above evaluations.
  • Thorough testing. The team will provide alpha and beta releases to allow proper testing. After succesfull tests, they will open a public first release version of the tool.
  • Generate documentation of how to setup and interact with voting tool, while adhering to best practices.
  • Monitor and maintain code base to ensure bug fixes for 6 months after release.

The DripDropz team will be in charge of maintaining the voting tool during its first year of release. The team will not need additional funding via catalyst if funded fully via Catalyst's 9th round.

The full proposal is available for scrutiny and discussion. The team also has another open proposal for Fund 9 that aims to build a bi-directional marketplace for Cardano users to safely trade their assets.


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