Ledger Live App supports Cardano send, receive and accounts creation

Ledger Live app now supports adding multiple Cardano accounts and send/receive ADA directly on desktop. Mobile support will be added in a week. Catalyst Fund 7 funded development for this update.

Send and receive cardano from ledger live

This integration allows ADA holders using Ledger Nano X/S wallets to:

  1. Add multiple Cardano accounts from Ledger live.

  2. View their Cardano balance on their Cardano Ledger Live app portfolio.

    Cardano ada balance on ledger live

  3. Send or receive ADA directly from the ledger live app

    At the moment, the app doesn't support sending other native Cardano assets too. This function will be added later. The Strica team is working on it.

  4. View transactions history under each Cardano account.

    The history is nicely done on the Ledger live UI. Users can see the list of transactions showing their transaction amounts both in ADA and in USD, as well as the dates when the transaction occurred. Clicking on a transaction opens an overlay with more transaction metadata and a link to the Cardano explorer.

For months, Ledger Nano X/S owners have been wondering when this functionality would come. The Cardano community is excited about this news and has lauded the Catalyst Fund for funding this overdue integration.

Cardano Ledger Live integration Funded by Catalyst Fund 7

Ledger live Cardano app integration development

Development of this Cardano & ledger Live integration is undertaken by team Strica. This team also developed Cardanoscan.io and the Typhon ADA wallet.

According to the catalyst proposal behind the integration, Strica had promised to enable these features:

Phase #proposal derivarabledevelopment status
1Sending and receiving ADA tokens from Ledger livecomplete
2Stake ADA from ledger liveplanned catalyst proposal
3Add support for native tokensplanned

This will come in phase 2 of the project. The second phase will need to be funded by Catalyst Fund 9 or later.

Long-term maintenance of the integration will be handled by the Ledger team. Additional features may need input from the Cardano Catalyst Fund.

A possible Phase 3 of development by Strica would enable dApp & CNFTs (Cardano NFTs) support on Ledger.

Can I sign Cardano smart contract transactions with a Ledger Nano X?

Yes, version 4.0.0 Cardano Ledger App upgrade enabled smart contract transactions from Ledger Nano devices. Users can now sign token swaps, liquidity deposits/withdrawals, and token staking directly from the Ledger Nano hardware wallets.

Cardano DEXs like Wingriders & MinSwap already support Ledger Nano X & S. More Cardano dApps are working on providing this integration.

v.4.0.0 of the Cardano app is now available to download in Ledger Live
The app is compatible with smart contracts 🧠
Cardano DeFi + Ledger = 🤝 ~ Ledger Support twitter