Claim SundaeSwap ISO rewards from March 1st via DripDropz

The SundaeSwap team has announced that ISO rewards will be claimable from March 1st. These SUNDAE tokens will remain claimable for a period of one year. ISO participants can use SundaeSwap rewards calculator here to estimate their rewards. At the time of this announcement, SUNDAE tokens were trading at ~ 0.7 ADA per SUNDAE.

"your Sundae drop is NOT going to expire for up to an entire year on DripDropz" ~ DripDropz

Sundae ISO claimable from march 1st

by SundaeSwap Team

At first, the ISO rewards will be claimable via DripDropz. Many people were wondering when they would start claiming their rewards. Even though SundaeSwap had hinted earlier that they would be using DripDropz, there was still a lot of uncertainty and dozens of people kept asking questions over discord.

Airdrops via Dripdropz only cost 1 ~ 3 ADA per withdrawal. If someone is withdrawing only one asset, out of the ten possible per withdrawal, the fee is usually below 2 ADA. More on that from our previous coverage of DripDropz.

Along with this announcement, SundaeSwap said that they would be launching a free token withdrawal tool. As they said, it will be months before they release it. Given the one-year SUNDAE's claim period, it's likely that one could wait to use that tool to claim their token. That of course would depend on one's opportunity cost evaluation.

NOTE: We'll be providing a service ourselves in the coming months for people to claim rewards without paying the DripDropz fee. ~~ SundaeSwap tweet

As the claim date approaches, if you participated in the ISO, you can check your estimated rewards for the current epoch by pasting your staking wallet address here.

Are the SUNDAE tokens worth collecting?

The short answer is, yes, absolutely! From what we have seen, most wallets receive rewards of approximately 4 ~ 7 SUNDAE per 1000 ADA staked every epoch staked. However, this number varies slightly across wallets due to SundaeSwap's whale measures.

Cardano Daily recently tweeted that SundaeSwap is currently dominating the Cardano ecosystem in terms of TVL, with MuesliSwap being a distant second. This domination is of course likely to reduce when other formidable players like MinSwap DEX launch on mainnet. Be that as it may, the volume locked on SundaeSwap will most definitely increase over time.

SundaeSWap leads Cardano's ecosystem TVL

More TVL and overall improvements on the SundaeSwap service are likely to drive the price of SUNDAE upward.

Update: DripDropz announces a 3 ~ 5 days Sundae rewards claim exclusive.

Via their twitter page, Dripdropz announced on Feb 27th that they will dedicate 3 to 5 days from March 1st (epoch 324) to Sundae ISO claims.

To better manage the transaction volume and provide the best token delivery experience, during epoch 324 we will temporally pause (3-5 days) all other token campaigns except for Sundae. ~ DripDropz twitter

SundaeSwaps airdrop will be the largest in Cardano's history. There are 281,000 eligible wallets for the SUNDAE drop.

For up to four days, March 1 to 4, DripDropz is ONLY going to offer the Sundae token in the Drip It screen. ~ via medium

For more information regarding the drop, please go over DripDropz article.


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