SundaeSwap DEX announces new updates coming soon

The SundaeSwap DEX is about to release a new UI, a DEX SDK, and governance portal updates. These will be part of what their development team has been working on. These updates are currently a work in progress and will be released soon.

Upcoming SundaeSwap updates

  1. UI upgrade

    The homepage of the DEX will now show, transactions history, user portfolio over time, and fees earned. On the Liquidity overview page, users will soon be able to sort pools by price, TVL, price e.t.c.

    Upcoming sundaeswap homepage UI

    The orders page will also be revamped. Like the LP page, it will have a sort feature. It will also be paginated to show full transaction history.

    Upcoming orders page UI

  2. Sundaeswap DEX SDK

    The team has built an internal UI toolkit that will be used internally and with close partners. One cool benefit of this tool is that third parties can embed Sundaeswap-themed widgets on their websites. This way, they can interact with SundaeSwap seamlessly without navigating the DEX website.

    On launch, this toolkit will not be open source. However, the DEX will open the toolkit to the public.

  3. New governance portal

    Sundaeswap has been working on a new governance portal powered by Agora, a decentralized voting protocol. It's designed to:

    1. Be secure
    2. Allow third-party auditing
    3. No transaction fees
    4. Modular and flexible

    Details on the technical aspect of ensuring that the voting results are stored on-chain will be released soon.

Sundae yield farming report

The sundae yield farming program which was planned to play out in 6 months has come to an end on July 20th. There were 71,000 unique lockup events by 25,000 wallets. 57 million Sundae have been paid out, with 24 million Sundae to ready for claim.

Unclaimable / forfeited Sundae tokens allocated for this program will be returned to the community vault. The SundaeSwap community will vote on how these tokens will be reallocated.

At the time of the report, the SUNDAE token has received decent market penetration. At least 83,000 wallets now hold the token.

SundaeSwap outlines mistakes they made.

  1. A rushed launch of yield farming.

    The yield farming feature started with some of its core features still in the final stages of development. As a result, there were delays and bugs.

    The community ended up frustrated when they could not withdraw their yields smoothly. On the part of the SundaeSwap, the payout process became more costly than it needed to be.

  2. The yield farming feature was understaffed.

    Only one engineer was responsible for yield farming development.

  3. Poor debugging tooling

    This inadequacy led to bugs flying under the ladder for long before they could be identified as widespread.

SundaeSwap announced these details via their new Monthly Sundae Scoop youtube series.

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