Spectrum, a Cardano-Ergo cross-chain DEX platform

Spectrum is a cross-chain DEX platform that will launch in early 2023. The platform will provide a seamless transfer of assets between the Ergo and Cardano chains.

Before rebranding to Spectrum DEX to August 12th, 2022, was known as ErgoDEX. The team, Spectrumlabs, announced the rebrand on 9th August. The DEX rebranded to assert its independence as an autonomous project within the Ergo ecosystem.

The DEX is in the last stages of its Cardano testnet, which launched on May 6th.

Cardano's Spectrum DEX (ErgoDEX) AMM exchange

Both chains are perfect for this sort of DEX because they rock the eUTXO accounting model. A paradigm that allows running order-book and AMM contracts simultaneously. The interoperability component will be enabled via a cross-chain bridge.

Spectrum is expected to use Rosen Bridge as the bridge of choice. In future, the cross-chain transactions will be moved over to Spectrum.Network.

The DEX has a working version on the Ergo blockchain. Users need an Ergo wallet to interact with this version.

Supported wallets & tokenomics

Spectrum's Cardano testnet supports Nami, Eternl, Gero, Flint and Cardwallet wallets.

Supported Cardano wallets on Spectrum DEX

Besides a claim on their website that the DEX will have transparent tokenomics, details about the actual allocation haven't been released yet. That said, SPF will be Spectrum's token.

Since this is a cross-chain DEX, maybe ERG and ADA coins might be used for the fees on the two chains.

SPF tokenomics allocation

Spectrum's SPF token will be capped at 1 billion tokens. These tokens will be distributed as follows:

DistributionSPF tokenspercentage Allocation
Community754 million75.4%
Team & Advisors120 million12%
Treasury104 million10.4%
Investors22 million2.2%

Spectrum DEX token allocation

Since Spectrum is a cross-chain platform, SPF will be distributed across the chains/platform as follows:

| Blockchain/Network | SPF tokens | percentage Allocation | | Ergo | 90,833,333 | 9.1% | | Cardano | 409,166,166 | 40.9% | | Spectrum | 500 million | 50% |

The platform is preparing for its token generation event (TGE).

Spectrum's Ecosystem

Spectrum will consist of two major components i.e Spectrum.Finance and Spectrum.Network. The team also intends to develop Spectrum.Wallet which will form part of the Spectrum.Finance. Users will be able to use the DEX and wallet from the same application (dApp).

Spectrum Ecosystem


Spectrum.Finance will be the DEX application on which users will execute token swaps, and all DEX centric transactions.

On the DEX's GitHub page, Spectrum DEX will have an ecosystem composed of 5 'economic' agents:

Agent TypeRoleIncentive(s)
MinersProcess transactionsEarn mining fees
UI providersProvide better UIEarn transaction fees completed over DEX frontend
Off-chain executorsExecute ordersAMM & order-book fees
Liquidity providers (LPs)Provide liquidityLiquidity pool fees
TradersUse DEXAcquire / sell tokens


This network will be a layer 2 solution that will facilitate fast and cheap cross-chain DeFi transactions. In the beginning, it will support Ergo and Cardano chains.

Later on, other chains e.g Ethereum will be supported on a priority basis.

Features Spectrum.DEX will support

  • Partial order matching

  • IDO liquidity locking

  • Price charts on the dex frontend

  • Concentrated Liquidity AMM pools >> yield farming

  • Atomic limit orders

  • Zap function.

    Like in MinSwap, Spectrum DEX will allows users to provide liquidity using only one pool asset.

  • Ergo to Cardano cross-chain transactions

  • Peer to peer trades

Know your assumptions (KYA)

After rebranding, Spectrum has added a KYA widget. The information in this section is aimed at educating the users on the nature of the DEX. The DEX platform makes a list of the following disclaimers:

  1. Transactions finality & irreversibility

    Like all transactions on a blockchain, there's no possibility of reversing transactions.

  2. The DEX will not guarantee the absence of bugs.

    Spectrum acknowledges that their products may contain unforseen bugs or errors. Sure, the DEX developers will do their best to fortify security. However, they will not commit themselves to offer assistance in the event of hacks, phishing attacks or loss of private keys.

  3. Users will solely be responsible for their assets when they use Spectrum's and its smart contract(s).

Before users can connect their wallets to Spectrum DEX, they will need to sign off on this list of assumptions.

All transactions once submitted will be viewable on the Ergo and Cardano explorers. The orders will be executed on the user's browser and submitted onto the blockchain.

Spectrum's Roadmap

Spectrum intends to release their DEX on Cardano in the 4th quarter of 2022 i.e after Vasil.

After this release, the team will focus on:

  1. Releasing new DEX features

  2. Developing Spectrum.Network

  3. Starting development on Spectrum.DAO

    This tool will be used to transfer the platform control to the community.

Spectrum.DEX participated in catalyst fund 9 and won an allocation.

On October 12th, Spectrum had integrated their protocol with ErgoPay and testing on Vasil's mainnet was 95% complete. On November 9th, they launched their Cardano public testnet.

Spectrum DEX pre-launch development progress

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